Alexander The Great Was A Young Leader

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Alexander the Great was a young leader, with a very successful but very short life ahead of him. Alexander was born in Pella in Greece at the northern part of the country. He started his life at356 BC, and died at the very young age of 33 in 323 BC. After dying from causes that have not been proven yet many theories that he had died from Malaria, due to him being sick and having a very high temperature and fever 10 days leading up to the time he died. Alexander had a range of achievements and the loyalty of his army and the citizens that he lead, with the death of the Persian leader Darius the 3rd in 330BC he didn’t stop there. With many more significance towards him and other achievements which led to the making of one of the world’s bravest king and soldier, and what he went through to make sure his civilians did not live in terror. And a perfect army that him and his Father Philip had formed to be unstoppable. As well as the creation of a capital that is now a hue tourist attraction. The Achievements of Alexander the great have had a huge impact on the Ancient world and still has an impact now. With his heroic battles and the dedication that he had to take as much as he can. His extent was that he was able to conquer, he had to cross the Hellespont to be able to take the Persian Empire where he had to take three battles and was victorious in all tree as well as killing the Persian Leader Darius III. And parts India that he was able to take over. Athens, Babylon and his
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