Alexander The Great Was The Greatest War Leader, Genius, And Ruler Essay

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Throughout history, Alexander III of Macedon, commonly referred to as Alexander the Great throughout history, has been thought of by many to be an enlightened thinker, multiculturalist, an ambitious, egotistical tyrant, and conqueror through evidence recorded, and passed along through generations. It is arguable, through evidence, that Alexander the Great was the most successful, greatest war leader, genius, and ruler there ever was. Many argue that he took over different pieces of land for the wrong reasons, and wanted to control the people in a way that a monarchy would. This may be due to his strategies that were not only were in his best interest, but also helped to accommodate others’ needs, such as the commoners or citizens of different villages and towns he conquered over time. Other war generals and rulers, who lived during the same time period, or even past Alexander’s reign, or death, copied and mimicked his strategies that he used with people of other countries that he had conquered, and during times of war and expansion of his empire. To this day, people still study his war strategies and how he thought. Alexander knew how to communicate with the people, and offer something in return to get what he had wanted. As a young boy at the age of 13, Alexander III of Macedon was tutored by Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher, who was also in charge of Peripatetic school, in which his father hired. Aristotle lived from 384-322 BCE. Aristotle was taught by
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