Essay on Alias Grace: Innocent or Guilty?

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Innocent or Guilty?

     Grace Marks, the main character in Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, is undoubtedly guilty. The evidence against her is way too much to consider innocence. Feeling sympathy towards Grace seems easy, especially since she tries to make it out to seem that she is the victim, but when looking at the facts only, it is obvious that the evidence all points against her. She has motives, Grace has left evidence, and her stories are not consistent with each other. The evidence, as well as the motives signify her guilt, not her being a victim of an unfair system.
     Grace’s motives seem to be fairly simple, as they are based mostly on a love interest of Mr. Kinnear. Mr.
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It is thought that if her love was real, and she did not commit the murder, that Grace Marks would be a wreck after such a tragic event. Instead she acts calm and collected, and she even goes as far as wearing Nancy’s clothes and even taking her money, both being blatant signs of disrespect. Even more blatant would be the fact that Nancy was strangled, and Grace’s handkerchief was the “weapon.” Also, Grace had little or no love interest in James McDermott, her co-murderer. However, McDermott had interest in her, which Grace used to play him by giving him false hope that if he did what she said that he’d have a chance to be with her. This is exemplified by McDermott’s desire to please her, even though she had no interest in him. It was his goal to convince her what a good guy he was, and that hopefully that would make her want to be with him. McDermott also knows that Grace has sincere interest in Mr. Kinnear, which would make it easier for him to kill him in cold blood. Grace also used taunting as a device to get her way. She presented the idea of killing Kinnear and Nancy as challenges to McDermott, and he would try and complete these challenges to win her affection. For instance, Grace told McDermott that he was all bark and no bite. This statement may be the main reason that McDermott killed Nancy and Mr. Kinnear, as that allowed him to prove that he was daring enough activity to prove to Grace
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