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(GRACELING, BY KRISTIN CASHORE) I started reading Graceling as a novel study, but the more I read the more I wanted to know!
I disliked at first that it was written from thread person, though I learned to love it. 
Part One- The Lady Killer. 
The lady killer is not mealy a metaphor, ‘The Lady Killer’ is the story.
A story of how Kasta (The Lady Killer) revolves and rebels! Kasta (The Lady Killer) is graced with the power too kill, so it is thought...
In this time and place people with graces belong to the king, he has the right to use them in anyway necessary. Kasta being a relative of the Randa, King of the Middluns is now a part of the game of power. The king uses her to scare and toucher or even …show more content…

Before the battle, Po gives Katsa his ring. In his attempt to kill Leck, Po is shot with an arrow, and falls off a cliff into a pool of water, face first.
When Katsa fishes him out, she and Bitterblue dress the wound in his shoulder, slump him over a horse, and set out for the king was not dead and the only one who could kill him was knocked out.
Po insists that they leave him behind to save the child because he was slowing them down. Sad as Katsa was, they left him in a cabin and set off for Po 's castle on the other side of the Seven Kingdoms in Lienid, an island to the southwest. Katsa supposes that Leck 's men will be at the mountain pass, and Monport by the sea.
She decides to take the suicidal path through the mountains and the two end up in Sunder where they head to the water to take a boat to Lienid. Disguising themselves as boys, they attempt to board a Lienid ship where they pay a boy for passage.
He accuses them of stealing and takes them to Captain Faun for approval. The lady captain shortly realizes that the two boys were not in fact boys. When Katsa shows them Po 's ring and says he gave it her, they were not so easily convinced but soon realized it to be the truth. Because of her possession of the royal ring, they agree to travel to Lienid.
When they arrive at Lienid, Katsa and Bitterblue head for Po 's castle.
Once inside, a steward says that his master as recently arrived, assuming that he meant Po, they were astonished. But,

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