Alienation Of The Individual From Society

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Alienation is a word that reflects feelings of isolation and loneliness. The feelings of alienation can be very depressing as the individual feels he/she is unwanted and does not belong to the place or society where they are currently living in. It is seen as if a person cannot provide for another or does not appear as the rest, they do not have any value. The two main characters such as Gregor within “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka and Tessie within “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson both demonstrate the issue of alienation of the individual from society. It is expressed within both readings that as individuals we are often aliened by others although influence of the individual in relation to the communities around them many individuals cannot exist within society as a free-thinking, autonomous person. Within “The Lottery”, the author Shirley Jackson emphasizes on the idea of the “lottery” where a list of names from each member of the household in each family were put into a black box and one name would be selected at random. The following name selected would be stoned to death by the villagers including their family. This was a tradition followed by the villagers at end of the warm season to show a sacrifice to ensure wealth, crops, and prosperity within the future. Some communities feel alienated because of the repression or the policies of the governments in place. Traditions are usually passed down from previous generations due to the people being

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