Theme Of Violence In The Lottery

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The Lottery Essay
In “The Lottery”, author Shirley Jackson portrays the importance of violence and inhumanity that is being shown throughout the community and how the townspeople play a major roll in it. Shirley Jackson believes that violence is huge within this community and she also believes that the community isn’t aware of their actions. Every year on June 27th, the community gathers at the town's square to attend the lottery. The folks who run this lottery are Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves (The Postmaster). Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves will randomly announce names from the lottery box. If the name announced was on the paper the family member selected, then the audience would throw stones at them until they were dead.
A married couple, Mr. & Mrs. Hutchinson were chosen to go up on stage. Mr. Hutchinson had chosen his wife’s name, but she felt as if the lottery was unreasonable and wanted to choose the paper herself. Eventually, the paper was placed back into the box and reshuffled. Mrs. Hutchinson selected a name from the box, which ended up being her own name and as a result was murdered by the townspeople due to them throwing stones at her. This yearly tradition is causing people in their community to die, yet they are so blind to see and understand their wrongs in this situation. The amount of violence has the community going against each other because as each person is being stoned, the townspeople who are doing the stoning aren’t affected since it's not their family

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