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Alisha Staples was born July 15, 1980. She is the daughter of Elnora Gray-Mason and William Staples. She was born in Hampton, Virginia. She has two older siblings. Pamela Huggins and Velma Williams. She is the mother of one child Monee’ Anderson. Alisha Staples attended Machen Elementary School, Jefferson Davis Middle School, and Spring Valley High School. She graduated in 1998; then she attended Kenneth Shuler for Cosmetology.
She grew up in the house with her dad and her two older sisters. Growing up in the house with her two older siblings she also had a dog named Lady. Summers were spent with friends and family. Every summer she spent at least one week with her grandparents in Slocab, Alabama. She and her dad were really close tending …show more content…

So she had to move to South Carolina with her mother and stepfather. Once she moved her she felt like her life had took a tragic turn. Her stepfather was abusive to her mother and he really didn’t want her to live with them. She felt out of place and she really missed her father and the way she was use to growing up.
As she felt like this she started to talk to her sister Gwen. Gwen being the protective big sister that she is then moved to South Carolina from Virginia. When she moved down here Alisha then went and moved in with her. Once she moved in then Alisha tried out for Spring Valley’s basketball team. She made the team and that became her outlet. Alisha had a lot of friends she was a very social person. Once life started going good for her, Alisha’s mother came and moved in with her and her sister. Her mom got tired of the abuse she was receiving from her husband.
Once they got her moved in and everything started to settle. Things were going great for awhile. Then her stepfather popped up at the house. He was basically stalking her mother. Alisha had know where to turn. Her life was falling apart as she knew it. But then she started to build her relationship with God. Once she started to build her relationship with God she then relied on her best friend, God, and basketball. Once she became a senior she then met Kelvin Anderson. They started dating and they went to prom

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