All Quiet On The Western Front Analysis

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War is a horrible thing to be experienced by soldiers and civilians alike. Soldiers and civilians are traumatized. The book All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque is a story of a young man going through war. All Quiet on the Western Front story covers the morals of war during World War I based the experiences of the author himself.
All Quiet on the Western Front focuses on the experiences and thoughts of Paul Bäumer, a young nineteen-year-old man who fights in World War I for the Germans. The story starts out with Paul and several friends resting outside five miles from the French front. Paul’s company of one hundred fifty men were now eighty after two weeks of fighting. Paul learns to lose his sense of embarrassment as a recruit in training. As time grows on Paul continues to grow distant from his life before the first bombardment. Kemmerich, a classmate of Paul, has his leg amputated and dies next to Paul. Eventually a new batch of recruits come to reinforce Paul’s company. One-night Paul’s company is given the duty of lining the front with barbed wire. After they finish putting up barbed wire they wait around to be picked back up. Sometime later they are awakened suddenly by enemy bombardment and take cover in a nearby cemetery. They are gassed and experience several loses. After getting taken back after the bombardment, the men’s company must deal with lice removal. Paul and his friends also meet Himmelstoss, a strict training officer that was hard on

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