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When the class was assigned the field research, I contemplated for days as to what new religion I would like to learn more about. I changed my mind twice along the way before I decided that the All Saints Orthodox Church was the site that I was truly interested in. I grew up Christian, and for the longest time knew only of the denomination in which my family and I practiced. I could not tell someone the difference between Methodist and Roman Catholic, or any other denomination for that matter. It was this that sparked my interest in learning about the Orthodox Church. I wanted to broaden my knowledge on Christianity and the denominations that surround it. The opportunity to research the Orthodox Church allowed me to learn about, what to…show more content…
This means I one should not wear shorts, tank tops, or sneakers to the service. One of the main themes of the service was based around the divine liturgy, which is the considered the primary worship of the church. The Devine Liturgy is read by a combination of the priest, bishop, choir, and the church community. It is from the liturgy that the offerings of the bread and wine come from along with other prayers. It teaches that the bread and the wine “truly become the body and blood if Jesus Christ” (Sorensen). The priest, or the deacon is the ones that prepare the Eucharist, also known as the “ritual meal of bread and wine” (“Orthodox Churches" 233) as “the body and blood of Christ” (“Orthodox Churches" 233). They combine both the bread and the wine and bless these gifts to become one. They are then put into a chalice, and fed to the community through a golden spoon. While observing the taking of communion I noticed that a red cloth was held under the gold cup by acolytes, which are “altar boys who assist the adult officiants” (“Orthodox Churches" 231). The community puts their hands behind their back while taking communion so that they do not touch the gift or the priest. It is also during the time of communion that the community honors the “painted or mosaic” (“On Common Ground: World Religions in America” ) saints that are used as icons throughout the church. It was during the honoring of

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