All Sects Of Buddhism By Sakayumi Buddha

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Giovanni Lasao Professor Amanda Lucia RLST 12 9 March 2015 Title All sects of Buddhism agree that the truths of Buddhism where discovered by Sakayumi Buddha during his meditations under the Bodhi tree. In honor of its founder, meditation holds a vital role in Buddhism for indicating an individual’s ability to attain truth. It is through the process of meditation, that Buddhists can attempt to attain enlightenment in the same matter as the Buddha during the myth of Bodhi- the story of Buddha’s enlightenment. In order to understand the significance of Buddhist meditation, it is necessary to first understand the mythology behind it: the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama. About 2500 years ago, between the fourth and sixth centuries BCE, Siddhartha Gautama was born crown prince, son of Suddhodana, King of the Sakyas. He was born in Lumbini Garden, in modern day Nepal. Being born as a prince, Gautama was guaranteed social and material comfort. It was said that during his life in the palace, Gautama was aware of the pain and suffering which afflicted human life, a quality which was intensified due to the early loss of his mother, Queen Maya. As a youth, Gautama meditated in an effort to detach himself from desire and find enlightenment, preferring to do so under the shade of a tree, foreshadowing his apotheosis into Sakayumi Buddha. It was during these periods of meditation that the Buddha decided to search for the root of all suffering. In the Buddhist scripture the
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