Buddhist Meditation Essay

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Meditation is very difficult to describe and can only truly be explained once experienced. It is the practice of mental concentration leading ultimately through a sequence of stages to the final goal of spiritual freedom, nirvana. The purpose of Buddhist meditation is to free ourselves from the delusion and thereby put an end to both ignorance and craving. The Buddhists describe the culminating trance-like state as transient; final Nirvana requires the insight of wisdom. The exercises that are meant to develop wisdom involve meditation on the true nature of reality or the conditioned and unconditioned elements that make up all phenomena. The goal of meditation is to develop a concept in the mind.
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It can help you become a more loving person in daily life.
<p align=justify>Meditating on love creates loving feelings to beings; meditating on loving-kindness is to embrace the whole universe with love and help you become a more loving person. Meditating on compassion helps wish to free beings from suffering and doing everything you can to help them. Meditating on sympathetic joy is rejoicing in the happiness of others, developing a genuine gladness. Meditating on even-mindedness develops an even love for all beings and controlling one’s emotions, having a clear and genuine goodwill to all. It helps focus on others and detach from the world, which is key to attain Nibbana. Meditation is also important as in the mental training of our mind to reach the real goal.
<p align=justify>In addition, meditation helps one understand various concepts of Buddhism. For instance, meditating on impermanence, such as decomposing bodies, helps dislodge attachment of worldly pleasures and show how everything is impermanent. The two types, “Vipassana” and “Samatha”, both teach the Buddhist how they should behave and in what state of mind. For example, Samatha teaches the Buddhist to detach from everyday concerns and concentrate on being impermanent. Vipassana teaches that everything is attached and interconnected in the world.
<p align=justify>Samatha meditation is the development of mental tranquillity with concentration, and is accompanied by three

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