All Summer In A Day Analysis

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The short story, All Summer in a Day, created by Ray Bradbury exposes the truth that regret will always follow after a bad decision and will reveal the feeling of being ashamed of what the decision was. In this fascinating story that takes place on Venus, there are multiple examples to prove this universal statement to be true. However, this considerable theme can be proven to be true in everyday life as well. One example, in the story, to support this theme happens when Margot’s classmates come back inside after enjoying hours of the sun and being outside. Within those many hours, every single classmate had forgotten about the poor girl they locked in the closet, Margot. Suddenly, the mood in the room was just like the mood in a locker room …show more content…

This last example shows how Margot is so ashamed of herself. Throughout the story, Ray Bradbury writes Margot’s character as a nine year old girl who has no friends and is bullied. Although she took this upon herself. Margot is the only one in her class that can remember the sun. Day after day, Margot talks about the sun. She even wrote poems about it. This caused her classmates to become jealous of her because they only knew the sun by what she told them. Her classmates then acted upon their jealousy and bullied Margot. This caused Margot to be ashamed and guilty that she knew about the sun. One thing led to another, and soon it was a continuous routine of whenever Margot talked about the sun she was immediately bullied and not believed. Margot hated it but, she loved the sun and always wanted to talk and write about it. After so many actions of bullying, it led Margot to regret her decision of ever bringing up the thought of her knowing the sun. Margot never thought she would be judged and feel ashamed of her captivating knowledge about the sun that no one else knew. Overall, many themes can be found in the heart of Ray Bradbury’s short story, All Summer in a Day. Simple themes can be found on top of the story such as jealousy, bullying, or anger. On the other hand, when looked harder, more complicated and meaningful themes can be found in the heart. Such as, regret

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