Alla Ajuera Summary

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“Allá Ajuera” is a dramatic poem that shows the exchange between a mother and a son. The son wants to play outside, but his mom is afraid for him. He does not understand why his mother is so against him going outside. He says to his mother “quiero vivir allá ajuera” showing that the child feels like he is not allowed to live freely if he is inside all of the time. His mother responds and tells him “no mijo, allá ajüera no no con los niños no con los del patrón.” It is safe to make the assumption that the boss is a white man and does not want her son to go outside and play where the boss’s children are playing in fear of the children causing problems and her son being blamed and her having to face any consequences. To avoid this, she does not want her son to play outside. The son wants to be a child and be happy, but his mother wants to shield him from the harsh reality that the world that he lived in did not want him to be happy. The son questions his mother and asks her “Father Josue says God loves us And he says we gonna be happy/When we die…tell me why we gotta wait Why we gotta die/To be happy.” His mother responds “así lo quiso diocito, mijo.” The son is innocent and naive and does not know why he cannot be like the other children and have fun playing outside. The only explanation the mother is able to offer to him is that this is the way God intended it to be and there is nothing that can be done to change the circumstances. Lastly, after the mother has made her

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