The Role of Women in Fuenteovejuna Essay

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Lope de Vega’s play touches upon several key components and ideas that were brought up in many of the other stories read throughout the semester. This included the role of gender and how men and women are viewed differently in the Spaniard town of Fuenteovejuna. Another topic included the importance of family, love, and relationships and their connection on loyalty, trust, and personal beliefs. The last major influence found in other literature and in Fuenteovejuna, were the political and religious references made throughout the play. Even though Lope de Vega didn’t make these views obvious, the reader could still pick up on their connotation and the references made towards these specific ideas. With all of this in mind, each of these…show more content…
The importance of where a person comes from influences their views on other people. Even later on, the peasants from Fuenteovejuna refer to lineage and how they may not come from a great and well-known line of blood but their personalities and other characteristics worth praising become just as significant to these people. However it still has some effect on them. This brings up the topic of self-value and self-dependency from an overlord and the ability to think for one’s self. This self power revolves around the political and social period at the time, with the transition of the common person becoming to voice their opinions and somewhat choose what they want to believe in. The sense of community is built upon the farmers of Fuenteovejuna. Their views of one another and how they act with one another reveals a tight knit community. In one critics analysis of Fuenteovejun, “They[The peasants] believe that honor on its most basic level belongs to everyone because all belong to the same society and all are children of God. People can, of course, lose or squander their honor...” (Blue 306) Lope de Vega incorporates his understanding and his own personal view on how the world should be viewed. He uses the peasants and how they interact with one another to describe this ideal and way of living. Through their words he understands humans shouldn’t disregard one another due to class

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