Allam Iqbal

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Explain the Ideology of Pakistan in the light of sayings of Allama Iqbal?
Ans. The social or political Programme of any movement that becomes a collective objective of any nation is called Ideology. OR
Ideology means such an aim according to which human beings planned about their future.
The Ideology of Pakistan
The Ideology of Pakistan was the consciousness of the Muslims in the historical perspective of the south Asian sub-continent that they were a separate nation on the basis of the Islamic ideology. No doubt Islamic ideology is the base of ideology of Pakistan so the basic fundamentals of Islam are also the bases of the Ideology of Pakistan.
Allama Iqbal & Ideology of Pakistan
Allama Iqbal was the person who for the first
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body and soul. In contrast to that in Islam, God, Universe, soul, matter, sate and religions are bound to each other or in other words Muslims are one nation”
9. Islam is a lively power
In his Allahabad address he said:
“Islam is a lively power which frees human mind from thoughts country and race. If we understand this thing then we can be the leaders of prominent Indian civilization.”
10. Islam is the way to success
Allama Iqbal said in relation to Islam:
“The lesson which I learnt from history is that Islam always helped the Muslims. Even today, Ideology of Islam can save your being from destruction by uniting your divided powers”.
11. No other ideology of life than Islam
On the publication of his poem, “Khazr-e-Rah” people started to call Allama Iqbal as communist. He rejected this balance firstly in his essay and then in a letter to All-e-Ahmed Sarwur in 1937. He said:
“To me capitalism, communism and other isms of this world have no importance. Islam is the only reality which is the reason of salvation. To have a contract with any other ism is just like to be out of Islam.”
12. Opposition of Nationalism
He described the reason of opposition of nationalism in the words:
“I am opposed to nationalism, not because if it is allowed to develop in India. It is likely to bring less material gain to Muslims. I am opposed to it because I see in it the germs of atheistic materialism which I look upon as the greatest danger to modern humanity”
13. Separate
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