Allegory In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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There is only one type of esteemed beast in the book Animal Farm. Those are the pigs. Since the book Animal Farm is an allegory, the pigs are represented by men that participated in Marxism. Lenin was represented by Old Major. Old Major was a respected old pig who was bound to die soon. He told the rest of the animals about the vision that he had of a revolt against humans. Animals were to overrun humans and take their place. Trotsky was represented by Snowball. Stalin and Trostsky never got along. They always contradicted what each other said which lead to many arguments. Eventually, Stalin couldn't stand Trostsky anymore so he exiled Trostsky.
In Animal Farm, Snowball's expelling confused all the animals. Napoleon convinced the animals that
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Then he was slowly decreasing the population of the farm by executing the uncooperative animals such as the hens. When the hens tried to revolt, Napoleon starved them to death and blamed coccidiosis which is and intestinal disease caused by parasites. We all know this isn't what happened but the other animals were gullible enough to believe the pig. Snowball was then blamed for all the mishaps that happened on the farm. The windmill was destroyed and Snowball was blamed. Because Snowball wasn't there to defend himself, he couldn't say that the strong winds tore down the windmill with the weak walls.
Old Major's teaching turned from rebellion against humans to Animal-ism where all the animals followed the Seven Commandments. "Four legs good, two legs bad," as the sheep used to say. The communist leaders Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky were important role in the story Animal Farm. It was the perfect allegory. Just enough real events and just enough fake events to fool the government. George Orwell was lucky enough to not get arrested for writing this story. Getting away with an allegory and a great story is the perfect deal for George also known as Eric Arthur
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