Allen Ginsberg: Writing The Future

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Writing the Future Over half a century ago, life in America had completely transformed within a matter of months. Nonconformity, writing, freedom, and peace had been redefined and reconstructed to fit a new view of America that had been determined by the liberal youth of the 1950s. The new view, pioneered through the Civil Rights movement, was the most tolerant of the former generations and shaped the country into the melting pot that it is today. Many of the unsuspecting, traditional members of society were not ready for this new wave of enlightenment ideas to pick up speed in their communities. These ideologies were prominent due to the spread of liberal literature by a counterculture group called The Beat Generation. Allen Ginsberg, one…show more content…
His father, the famous poet, Louis Ginsberg was famed for having an original writing style that maintained verse and rhyme. In fact, he did not understand free verse and always complied with the boundaries of literature that Universities taught. The American Poet’s Society praised Louis for the fluidity of his poems and participation in the organization (Miles 35). The successes of Allen’s father had heavily influenced him to major in poetry when he reached college. Despite Louis’ popularity, The Ginsberg family was still struggling with heavy debts. The extremities of the debt reached the point where they had to take Naomi Ginsberg, Allen’s mother, out of hospital care where she was being treated for paranoid schizophrenia. Allen loved his mother unconditionally and stood by her side throughout her struggle to manage her illness. He often assumed the responsibility of taking care of her while his father was working on poetry to gather the money to give her the care she needed (Miles 9). During their struggle, Louis had fallen for another woman and had started to cheat on Allen’s mother (Miles 23). Allen’s hatred for his father’s actions lead him to becoming a part of his celebrated counterculture group, The Beat Generation. He had begun to center his poetry around the type of writing his father hated the most: free verse. Ginsberg went to be schooled in literature and advanced his venture in free…show more content…
One of his poems, Howl, became one of the most wide read poems of the twentieth century (“Allen Ginsberg” However, before it was able to gain popularity, it was put on a lengthy trial in order to censor its obscene context. The book that contained Howl was read through by several literary professionals. It was thoroughly analyzed for any context that would give it literary value (“Howl Obscenity Trial, 1957.”). The book eventually proved itself worthy of printing on June 3, 1957, when Howl’s trial was won by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The free publicity that Ginsberg received because of the trial made him a household name. In fact, he became a public figure that attended more and more readings as his fame rose. The trial’s win continued to inspire the radical movement of the 1960’s because of its advocation for freedom of speech. Rules regarding poetry and literature were loosened, making poetry more interesting for kids who did not like writing within the old guidelines. Ginsberg’s writings continued to lead to a whole new genre of spoken word because new writers were standing up and discussing societal problems through their poems without being censored. Their words, inspired by his, gave everyone a new outlet to protest the conservative era of their time (“Beat Movement”). The change that Ginsberg helped spark with his organization was adored by the minorities and others that believed change was
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