All's Well That Ends Well By William Shakespeare

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This year marks the 26th season in the Markel Auditorium, and the last production lead by Professor George Angell: All’s Well that Ends Well by William Shakespeare. I attended the production on opening night, Wednesday, October 11th, and, while it had its faults, it was a well-executed college performance. First to note is the performance of the plot by the actors. The plot itself was not one that was notable, and oftentimes, I would get feelings of dissatisfaction with characters’ decisions. The conversation between Helena (played by Glynis Gilio) and the Countess (played by Jennifer Weil) that takes place in one of the beginnings scenes where Helena confesses her love for Bertram (played by Johannes Olson) seemed forced, and it was…show more content…
Glynis played a very realistic Helena, and at moments, I could believe she was actually the character and not just an actress playing one. Her makeup and costuming was also well done, and they made it seem that the setting was in the mid 20th century, something that was consistent with all of the characters’ costumes. Lastly, she was very aware of how to use her voice. Glynis succeed in projecting her voice while still using it skillfully with portraying emotions, and at no moment did I struggle to hear what she was saying. Jennifer Weil, a guest artist, clearly was a professional and when she was on stage, an air of confidence was given off. Her experience in live theatre helped those around her on stage too, as most actors appeared more comfortable speaking to her as oppose to their other co-stars. She elevated the quality of the play, and as a side note, it is very obvious the benefits of working with a professional when one is pursuing acting as a profession. The Countess was a rather static character, and Jennifer was able to keep the Countess’ consistent but not boring throughout the play. One thing to note however, was that there were moments where I sometimes did struggle to hear Jennifer, and I think she could have done a better job of connecting with the crowd. Because I was seated stage left I felt I rarely got a full view of Jennifer’s face compared to Glynis’, who did a good job of incorporating the whole audience when giving monologues. Another
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