Almost Home by Joan Bauer Essay

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- Characters: The main character is developed by what type of book the author is writing. My main character Sugar Mae Cole was developed because of the way she acts toward different characters in the book. And by her personality and sugars personality is sweet kinda like her name and she is polite. She is always trying to brighten the other characters up especially her mom Reba. She has a different personality that any of the other characters and connects with them in a different way that is what makes her the main character. she is cautious and also believes in people and things like her mom. Her mom Reba is about to give up but Sugar still believes in her and she believes she and her Mom will get a home and things will …show more content…

She starts out just telling about King Cole and how they were a strong family, her Reba and him until he died. And Mr. Leeland is no help, he loses money by gambling, The next event is when they lose their house and then they move to Chicago to make a fresh start the author adds the event that Sugar and her dog Shush get put into foster care. Then the author adds more events in a orderly way to make the last event end where they are making their way through all the tough times. “ You go out there, Miss Sugar, and show’em what it means to be sweet. “ Thats what it says on the last page it is telling us how the author ends the book and the last event with how if Sugar is sweet she can make everything work.

1. “I’m too busy surviving to play” The word surviving is important to the book because that is a big thing that Sugar and her Mother are trying to do: Survive
The dictionary meaning is: continue to live or exist, esp. in spite of danger or hardship and that’s important because Sugar and her mother are trying to live and stay existing because they don’t have much to live so they have to try to keep surviving. When I think of this word I think of food, water and the wilderness.

2. Color: “ color changes everything.” This is important because after Reba and Sugar lose their home they don’t have a lot of color in their lives but sugar keeps showing her color deep inside of her and she tries to get her mom to. Color means: the property possessed by

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