Along For The Ride Book Report

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Auden is an 18 year old who just graduated from high school. She is dedicated to her studies and she is very brilliant. Especially when it come to numbers and equations. Auden is a sister to Hollis, the free-spirited grown man. She is the daughter of two authors. Ever since her parents divorce, she has a hard time sleeping. In the night, she does whatever and goes wherever her heart desires. The text supports this by saying, “The insomnia started when my parents’ marriage began to fall apart” (Dessen 5). Auden keeps a lot of her emotion in because she is afraid of saying how she feels in the wrong way. She has been sheltered her whole life and hasn’t done any of the normal things that kids or even children do. The text says, “ I’d been a child,…show more content…
This book has so many descriptions of each setting which would be ideal for movie set decorators. The book gives them an idea of how the room looks at almost all times. The text describes, “ The first thing I saw was pink. All four walls were pink, what wasn’t pink, was orange” (Dessen 80). Also, in this book there is a lot of dialogue, which is a great form of characterization, especially when it is in a movie. The text states, “ God, Maggie,” Leah said, “ I thought you’d let that Jake thing go, already” (Dessen 182)
“I have,” Maggie told her” (Dessen 182).
“Then why are you bugging Auden about it now?” (Dessen 182). Leah shook her head.
In other people’s opinion, this book isn’t suited for film form.
This book has many allusions to the rest of Sarah Dessen’s books which also focus on teen life. That could be confusion for many readers and cinema-goers. Auden ends up going to Defriese University which Ruby went to in Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen and Defriese University is the Basketball team McLean and her dad adored in What Happened To Goodbye. Also, the movie would most likely be exactly like the book since the book contains so many details, movie writers can take the easy way out and not change up the details. It would be a disappointment to viewers to see the exact same thing on a screen as it is in a
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