Alpha Republic: Chapter Summary And Analysis

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In chapter one, states the basics of ethics is based on a set of viewpoints from a specific group, such as politics, religion, and community. The prime minister has an ethical view based on politics. Increased provocation from the Federation with the terrorist attacks and border skirmishes, ideally is not good for us. Our innocent citizens have suffered and these incidents have caused many to demand retaliation. We have a right to provide for the safety and security of our citizens. Our limited attack provides for our safety and security. It also resulted in stopping their ability for all out war. War is not good for either of our nations because of the resulting damage to people’s life and welfare, our economies, and the deterioration of cooperation between our states.

The build up of the federation’s military has been offensively focused not defensively causing a threat to our peace. Diverting our focus from peace and economic prosperity hurt our people by causing our economy to suffer in many areas due to our need to increase our military. We …show more content…

Coming from a religious point of view, if I were the archbishop of the Alpha Republic I would say that the overall goal is to keep the peace. The main intention is to have unity within its state. It is better to turn the other cheek as they say or become the bigger person even though it may be a harder thing to do. It may seem tempting to prophylactically strike the other nation, but to restrain oneself from doing it would be the better course of action. It is good to be one community and love thy neighbors so there will be no problems now or that may result in the future. Integrity provides a distinctive Christian bystander. The book states, “Love for God shows Christians how to love themselves and their neighbors in the right way.” This sentence exemplifies the love thy neighbor thought we are using to answer as the

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