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  • The War On Cyber Wars

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    reading and little trial and error. The case study that is about to be explained to you would like you to think otherwise and appear to make you feel disconnected from these cyber wars. In chapter 7 of Cases in international relations: pathways to conflict and cooperation it contains a case study about the war on cyber wars and briefly explains the different types of attacks that have recently been taking place, with most of them involving the United States. It begins with the author of the case study

  • The Wars At The End Of The Cold War

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    The wars at the end of the Cold War and the beginning of the new century are entirely different from the other ones, mainly since September 11th, 2011. The nature of the strategic environment of the warfare has undergone a series of transformations because of the globalization, technology, economic relationships, and cultural changes. They influence the war and create an environment characterized as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). This new environment has shifted the conventional

  • The War Of A War

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    War occurs almost everywhere in the world and can be seen as a means of symbolism and patriotism. The Revolutionary War was fought in order to gain independence. That was the meaning behind that war. However, why do societies go to war, other than to fight for independence? Ever since the beginning of time war has been used as a means to invade another country and rid them of their resources. Whether it’s a war or just invasion, it is still a means of bombarding a country or society without any rights

  • The Just War: Is War Never Be Justifiable?

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    There have been varying views as to the definition of war, while others have a broader definition to include even conflicts at home, between family circle, within and out of the immediate family; others limit the concept of war to social phenomenon which occurs only between political communities or within intellectuals. In all war according to Encarta English dictionary is “a period of hostile relations between countries, states, or factions that leads to fighting between armed forces, especially

  • Nature Of War: The Nature And Nature Of War

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    among the nature and character of the wars and the debate continues to grow with time. The several reasons of changes can be attributed to the technological advances and other situational changes. This essay is going to shed light upon whether the nature and character of war has been changed in the course of recent years or it continues to be the same as it was years ago. Introduction There are numerous studies that say that the nature and character of war are quite similar to one another and can

  • War And The Cold War

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    Despite the high costs of war both in monetary value and in terms of potential life and infrastructure lost states and their actors despite their supposed rationality still seek war at times. Sometimes war is unavoidable given the situations that actors find themselves in. States prior to war will attempt several options such as bargaining and it is that failure in bargaining that tends to result in conflict or war. Especially following the events of the Cold War numerous scholars have given their

  • The War Of The Cold War

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    Since the end of the Cold War, the total amount of wars has declined sharply compared to those that occurred during the cold war period. According to Baylis et al. the 1990’s were the least violent decade since the end of World War II. Along with the striking decline of wars, lie a new form of state cooperation, one which theorists call the Democratic Peace Theory. This theory holds that while democracies do go to war that they do not fight each other. In essence, in a region where all democratic

  • The Battle Of The War

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    prepared to take charge towards their enemies (from google images) During this difficult time at war, soldiers have had to spend the last four years of their lives in between narrow walls called trenches. Not only do these soldiers face the extremities of battles, but they also have to survive in these narrow spaces. For these courageous men, living in these trenches meant living in fear. As the war has been mentioned that it is coming to an end, soldiers still have to keep up with their daily routines

  • The War Of The Vietnam War

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    Vietnam War cost many Americans their lives in the 60s and 70s. Many were drafted into the war by choice and others selectively chosen to join to help America. The contributions made had a major impact on the American side of the Vietnam War. Though many contributions were made none stand out any more than others. It is sometimes said there is always a hero in the war who helped the victory. Wars, however, do not have war heroes because a hero is making an undeniable contribution to the war and affects

  • The War Of The Vietnam War

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    tensions over the Vietnam war caused many americans to become divided on the actions taken by the government across seas. Americans questioned whether the government could be trusted. The feeling of betrayal and government secrecy created the “Credibility Gap,” in which many americans believed that the government no longer was for the people, but for anything else that would benefit the government. The Vietnam War exacerbated the gap between the pro-war traditionalists and anti-war liberals along with