Alternate Ending Of Shagloom

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One dark, stormy night in a quiet, but crowded town a shriek was heard. The shriek came from a woman who had spotted a tall green creature that no one could explain better than as an alien. This alien everyone knew as Shagloom.
“Where is he! Where is he!” Shagloom howled. That’s when the crowd started to split, screaming in terror they all ran, all except one boy, Jonny Johnson.
“So is this your true form, Shabam!?” Shagloom questioned the boy as he approached him.
As Shagloom reached down and put his hand on the Jonny’s head Jonny screamed, “Shabam!” Lightning struck down in Shagloom’s hand and the wind began to pick up, swirling around Jonny. The gale was so powerful it knocked Shagloom backwards about fifty feet.
“Yes it is, Shagloom,” a …show more content…

Just then another one appeared behind Shabam, and before he had time to react Shagloom hit him across the face with a ball of dark matter. Flung back and now seared Shabam rushed at Shagloom, able to touch Shagloom he sent a burst of electricity through his body, causing Shagloom to stagger backwards. Shagloom jumped in and out of his dark rifts hitting Shabam beating him down, almost, to a pulp. When Shabam finally was able to blast him back into a rift and close him in. Thinking Shagloom is defeated Shabam starts to …show more content…

Well think again!” Shagloom’s voice echoed through the empty streets of the town. Just then Shagloom jumped out of a rift beaten and battered. Shagloom started to form an orb of dark matter in his hand, which grew bigger and bigger.
“Shabam!” instead of transforming this time an orb of electricity began to form in Shabam’s hand.
With their powers shooting through the roof, they rushed at each other thrusting their energy orbs forward at each other. Colliding their energy created a blast powerful enough to destroy the city, although it was empty. Shagloom was missing almost half of his body due to the explosion.
“You . . . defeated . . . me,” Shagloom cried looking down at his decimated body.
“Now you know the pain a the hundreds you’ve killed, and you will no longer be able to come back to this planet,” Shabam looked back towards the ship that was looming over the crater that was once a city.
As the ship landed Tangenoids--Shagloom’s people--jumped out of the ship and took him away. The ship rose and Shabam watched as it slowly sped up and then zoomed away with his greatest enemy inside.
“I guess now that he’s gone it’s back to boring bank robbers. Shabam!” Transforming back into Jonny, he pedaled away on his

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