Roy's Narrative Analysis

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Roy’s Perspective:

“The only way we can track down that serial killer is to split up.” I announced. My soldiers, 1st Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, 2nd Lieutenant Jean Havoc, and Alphonse Elric were helping track down Barry the Chopper. He’s committed many murders by chopping up his victims with a butcher knife, I guess you could say that’s how he got his name.
“Yes, Sir.” replied Riza. Her and Alphonse started to walk down the dreary tunnel in the opposite direction. We were underneath laboratory five, originally looking for something Barry had lost. Barry’s soul was attached to a suit of armor, and he was used as an immortal slave. When he caught sight of his original body, he quickly realized there was a soul of another creature inside it. …show more content…

I kept shooting and shooting, but the homunculus would only regenerate her wounds. No matter how many bullets I fired, there was no way to get rid of her for good. After three rounds, my hands continued to shake violently, but I still aimed the gun at her. The tears burned as they stung my cheeks, and I forced myself to believe now was the time to give up. My legs gave out from under me, and I collapsed to the floor. Lust could care less about how broken I felt, never knowing how it felt to lose someone you love.
“Stand up Lieutenant.” I heard Alphonse say.
“What a shame you had to show up and fight armor boy, what a setback” Lust whined. Al’s hands clapped together and alchemical sparks formed around his newly transmuted sword.
“Oh would you look at that, you don’t need a transmutation circle to use alchemy!” Lust said. “Even with such talent, I’m afraid I can’t let you live either.”
I hated to think that disgusting voice would be the last Roy would ever hear. Terrible thoughts kept flooding my mind of how she might’ve killed him, and where. That didn’t matter though, because the room soon lit up in flames. Alphonse’s arm wrapped around me as he shielded me from the fire.
“What do you think you’re doing to my lieutenant.”
It was Roy.
“How?” Lust shrieked, now bent over on the floor. “How in the world did you …show more content…

“You even carved a transmutation circle into your hand! And you’re using that lighter for ignition.”
And with the flick of the lighter, sounds of Lust’s screams filled the empty room.
“Don’t underestimate me.” I heard him say in a very dark tone. Flame after flame, she slowly started losing grasp on her life. Finally, her body started breaking off into specs of nothing.
“You’ve finally done it, you killed me. I hate losing, even if there are better ways to die at the hands of a man like you.” Roy’s cold black eyes stared at her, emotionless. “I like your eyes, I can’t wait for the day when their wide with agony. That day, is soon.” Then it was over, her body didn’t leave a trace. Roy fell to the floor in pain from his wound.
“Colonel!” I cried out, running to be by his side.
“Lieutenant, are you okay?” He asked.
“Please sir, worry about yourself for once! We need to get you to a hospital, fast.” I could still feel tears trickling down my face.
“We need a doctor for Havoc too, hurry, before he’s gone for good.” But at least the Colonel was okay. This was definitely not the fight we were looking for, but we were able to escape with our lives, and that’s what

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