Alternative Dispute Resolution ( Adr )

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is any method or means of resolving or settling disputes, which is carried out outside the courtroom and is not litigation. The courts are however at times requested to the ADR methods used in solving disputes. ADR is usually carried out in a number of ways. The common ways of ADR include negotiations, arbitrations, mediations, early neutral evaluations, and conciliations. Over the years, ADR has become very common and have been adopted by many people around the world especially owing to the fact that they eliminate the long queues at the courts and the high costs charged for litigation process by the lawyers who mainly have the interest of making themselves money besides helping their clients with the case . ADR programs can either be voluntary or mandatory depending on the state and the agreements of the state and the lawmakers of the state.
Arbitration and Meditation
Arbitration and Meditation are the two most common methods of ADR. Negotiations, on the other hand, are usually attempted as the first method of dispute resolution by most individuals or people who find themselves amidst conflicts. Negotiations, however, do not work very well as in most cases the involved parties tend to disagree due to self-interests. The advantage of Negotiation is however that it gives the two parties a chance to meet, control the resolution process and solution without necessarily involving other outside parties .

On the hand, in Mediation a

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