Alternative Energy And The Use Of Fossil Fuels Essay

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Alternative Energy and the Use of Fossil Fuels The role of energy in human life dates back to as far as the ages of civilization where ancient people needed fire not only for comfort but also for cooking (Michaelides 1). In the modern digital world, everyone has his or her uses of energy with other similar uses all of which affects the life of everyone. Notably, there is the production and use of energy in varying forms like in automobiles, airplanes, and manufacturing plants. Conversely, with the global trend in need for a sustainable earth, the shift from environmentally unhealthy energy sources has led to the public call for alternative energy sources (IEA 9). The transition to alternative energy sources aims at conserving the natural resources as well as protecting the environment. The energy sources include fossil fuels, the wind, geothermal, hydropower, solar and nuclear power applied in various uses modern life operations locally and internationally (Brkić 36 and Wadud et al. 18). However, although there is a globalized rise in the use of fossil fuels, the environmental and climatic implications calls for the shift to alternative energy sources. Through the analysis of alternative and fossil fuels, the essay provides an elaborate explanation useful in the maintenance of a sustainable world. The global application of alternative energy bases on the need to ensure the protection of the environment as well as natural resources.

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