What Are The Pros And Cons Of Alternative Energy

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Alternative Energy Resources and Human Dependence on Oil
The modern world is fuelled by oil (Youngquest, 1998). This reality has brought tremendous changes and developments that is continuously transforming the modern period, changing its lifestyles and economies in the last 200 years. However, these changes do not only paved for modernization and development, but it has also paved for the environmental crisis that the world is now facing (Bodley, 2008). Environmental crisis refers to the degradation of the environmental quality due to human intervention in natural processes. In other words, as human beings consume and deplete the resources of the world, our industrial by-products are piling up (Bodley, 2008). As such, it …show more content…

In this condition, the researcher holds a cautious position – yes, there is a probability that alternative energy sources can possibly provide means in which human dependence to oil may end.
The Debate
Everybody, in one way or another, is concern with global warming and in finding the solution on how consumption of fossil fuels may be reduced. Alternative sources such as oil sands, heavy oil, and wood/other biomass, coal hydropower, shale oil, solar energy, gas hydrates, wind energy, nuclear fission, wave energy, geothermal tidal power, fusion, ocean thermal energy and conversion are all considered as alternative sources of energy. However, can they end human dependence in oil?
The Pros Those who support that supposition that alternative energy sources can end human dependence to oil claims that
First, as mentioned oil is finite. There is a need to come up with alternative sources of energy because the reality of diminishing fossil fuel supplies is a fact. In order, to avoid the situation wherein energy insecurity is experienced, alternative energy sources should be used.
Second, alternative energy sources are renewable. This means that it has minimal CO2 emissions and other pollutants that can further damage the environment. In this way, alternative energy sources are sustainable and at the same time, help in creating means wherein the environment may be protected while opening the possibility of having cleaner air, water and

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