Alternative Medicine For Traditional Medicine Essay

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When it comes to traditional medicine, it doesn’t always work and there isn’t always a scientific reason to prove it. There is no perfect medical solution in our world. When traditional medicine fails patients, many physicians believe that prescribing alternative forms of medicine is more harmful than not prescribing them at all, due to the supposed lack of evidence of their effectiveness. In this case, patients have no other options for treatment. However, research has shown that there is a significant amount of evidence that supports the effectiveness of alternative medicines. Alternative medication therefore should be presented to these in dire need as a legitimate and potentially effective form of treatment.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine, also known as CAM, refers to any of a range of medical therapies that are not considered to be “orthodox” by the medical field. Complementary and Alternative Medicine has been a controversial subject among multiple physicians as they debate how agreeable it is to prescribe due to its lack of scientific backing. There have, however, been an increasing number of physicians who are more comfortable to prescribe CAMs. There have been greater regulations for upcoming doctors and physicians to study and be trained in a wide range of practices about alternative medicine before being certified as doctors. Many patients have relied on CAMs for their effectiveness due to the failure of conventional medicine and its treatment. If
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