The Pros And Cons Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine

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Like it or not, people are going to get sick. There will always be a need for medicine; however, recently people have been seeking complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) before going straight to conventional medical treatments. CAM is a nontraditional way to diagnose, prevent, or treat a specific problem and its symptoms. It differs from the more mainstream options in healthcare, and is not commonly used by medical practitioners. Complementary and alternative medicine is becoming more popular and accepted within the medical field by the various treatments and therapies used to promote and restore health. Complementary medicine is treatments that are used together but are not considered to be standard treatments. Alternative medicine is treatments that are used instead of standard medical treatments. Another term used interchangeably with CAM is home remedies. Eating a peanut-butter sandwich and drinking a glass of warm milk for insomnia or putting sugar/honey on minor cuts or scrapes are just some of the forms of this. Throughout history, people of various cultures have practiced CAM, or what they called it, Western medicine. Some therapies are far outside the accepted Western practice, but some are now established in mainstream and accepted forms of medicine and have been used for centuries worldwide. Globally, only about ten to thirty percent of health care is conventional practitioners. The other seventy to ninety percent spans from self-care of folk principles

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