Alternative Medicine On The Body And The Brain

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Alternative medicine is based on the belief that the body and the brain can heal themselves and prevent illness. Alternative medicine focuses on the use of natural means to build up one 's energy and immune system for wellness and prevention. Alternative medicine focuses on improving brain chemistry through natural means. It focuses on getting the body to take care of itself.
Alternative medicine is based on the premise that health is impacted by the energy body, the conscious and subconscious mind and the physical body. Thoughts, energy and emotions affect health. They impact the health of the body. Thoughts, energy and emotions drive physical reality toward disease or wellness. Disease or wellness then becomes a choice €" much like …show more content…

Conventional medicine is based on Newton 's view of reality €" ie., that solid objects are matter connected to each other through energy. Conventional medicine views the body as an elaborate, physical machine. Conventional medicine focuses on using synthetic means to manipulate the €machine€ to make it function better.
Alternative medicine views the body as energy and consciousness first. It believes the body can heal and prevent illness by focusing on energy, lifestyle and thoughts. It looks to natural means to prevent and heal disease, because natural means interact better with energy and consciousness.
Many people live on pharmaceutical drugs. These substances are not natural. They are chemical compounds that often imitate natural ingredients found in plants. These drugs have many known and unknown side effects. They are not tested for use over long periods of time. They are not cross tested for how they interact with other drugs. For the most part, chemicals do not cure disease. They do help stabilize the symptoms of disease. But, there is a cost. They have known and unknown negative side effects.
Pharmaceutical drugs can be very helpful to jolt diseased bodies back on track. But, great care must be exercised before you live on them or use them in conjunction with other drugs.
Because they are chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs can be toxic. Alternative medicine focuses on natural, homeopathic remedies.
Alternative medicine gets to the root cause of

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