Alternatives For School And Prison Pipeline

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Alternatives to School-to-Prison Pipeline Changes to Viewing the System This problem in Americas school system does not have to continue this way. There are changes that can be made and policies that need to be changed in order to provide the proper access to education for all students. The Association of Mexican America Educators presents research done with educators of low-income Latino students and what they believe needs to be changed to provide well for students. The article shares four main areas that need to be changed in order to see change in the system; “1) The immediate needs in the schools; 2) Expectations of students and possibilities; 3) The relationship between the educational leaders and the community; and 4) Being stakeholders versus change agents”(Fujimoto, Garcia, Medina, & Perez, p 88). The immediate needs in schools. This article focuses on the fact that the basic needs of many of today’s students are not being met. If the basic needs such as shoes, backpack, food, shelter are not provided for these students, how can the more important conversations like college, school or the future have any real meaning for students in school. “The challenge in creating a college-going mindset when basic needs are unmet is obviously complex”(Fujimoto et. Al., p. 89). Many teachers and administrators attempt to engage students to begin thinking about finishing school and continuing on but the future is not always a pressing matter for these students and families. “This
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