Alzheimers Disease Essay

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Alzheimer 1      It is inevitable that eventually each of us will grow old and begin to face more and more health problems as our age rises. Elderly people are challenged by many illnesses and diseases that unfortunately, are incurable. One disease that becomes more common as people age is Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s a common cause and a form of dementia and can severely damage a patient’s cognitive functions and can ultimately cause death. Living with Alzheimer’s disease can be saddening for both the sufferer and the family. Family and friends will find it very hard to cope when a loved one begins slipping away and losing memory of who they are.      Alzheimer’s disease comes from…show more content…
With the growing number of people becoming diagnosed, and experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, we must begin to take precautions and somehow attempt to gain knowledge of how the disease can be better treated, and ultimately prevented.      Those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease usually end up in nursing homes or hospice care centers, because, as the disease evolves to its later stages, the patient typically becomes unable to care for themselves and is required to have around-the-clock care. Nursing care is very expensive and can be estimated to cost “…approximately $47,000 per patient per year” (Cummings and Cole 1). Patients are plagued with not only memory loss, but also abnormalities of the motor system, problems assessing new information, trouble speaking and disorientation. “Patients with AD usually survive 7-10 Alzheimer 3 years after onset of symptoms…and typically die from bronchitis or pneumonia” (Cummings and Cole 2).      Dementia, memory loss, and cognitive breakdown are some of the major signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The disease damages brain cells, which in turn, impairs the memory and leads to loss of memory and the ability to perform tasks. The slow elimination of cells weakens the brain’s ability to remember things, perform normal

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