Alzheimers In Nursing Homes

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After reading your essay, I would conclude that the topic of your essay is about the mistreatment of elderly people living with Alzheimer’s in nursing homes and that you are arguing that these individuals are more likely to suffer abuse because of several factors such as inability to report the abuse, uncaring staff, and incompetent staff that lack training in patient care and equipment use. There appears to be organization of an introduction, thesis, and several body paragraphs under the related headings. However, there is no separate heading for the conclusion though the last paragraph has a clear tone of wrapping up the paper. The paper exceeds the content length requirement of five pages and has several different sources located on the reference page from a range of outside sources. The topic you have chosen to analyze and research about is very interesting…show more content…
Some mistakes I believe I found are within the APA format. I believe that the title page only needs to state the title of the paper, your first and last name, and Coastal Carolina Community College according to the APA style. The running head should be in Times New Roman 12-point font as well. I noticed in the peer review you gave me, you found that the title page included the class and name of the instructor as well. I will be sure to contact the instructor for clarification and let you know the results! The only instance of second person I noticed was in the sentence, “As you can see, people with Alzheimer’s experience more abuse than those without Alzheimer’s.”, found under the heading, “Real Life Study on Abuse in Nursing Homes”, which can be taken out to say, “People with Alzheimer’s experience more abuse than those without Alzheimer’s”. However, I believe that the other uses of the word “you” found in Table 2 are acceptable. Great job with your rough draft and good luck with the
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