Effects Of Alzheimer's On The Patients, Family Members And Caregivers

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The topic of this article is about the effects that Alzheimer’s has on the patients, family members/caregivers. I believe there is a grave importance in this topic to help understand the effects of this disease and possibly help farther research. This might bring a few questions to the front of this discussion. How the relationship is after a patient is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? How does this effect the family members/caregivers? What symptoms do family members experience with Alzheimer’s patients? What factors in life play a role in developing this disease? This paper will explore these questions with the respect of these news articles.
How the relationship is after a patient is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? Bilieszner and Shifflett state there are five time periods in the relationship between the patient and family members. The first time period is the relationship before Alzheimer’s, and that both spouses and the adult children stated the major roles and activities that they shared with the patients.” (Bilieszner, R. & Shifflett, P. 1990) The second time period was the relationship through the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and that “the caregivers/family member’s reports different strategies used to clarify the changes between their relationships with the patient. This included looking at the physical change, personality change, old age, AD, problems in the married, and even menopause.” (Bilieszner, R. & Shifflett, P. 1990) This had no explanation to this time period,…
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