Amanda Ripley The Smartest Kids In The World Summary

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Not many students have a chance like this in their life to explore the other side of the world. In “The Smartest Kids in the World: And How they Got that Way” Amanda’s Ripley she shared the Fared on the Performance for International Students Assessment (PISA) test throughout the country as well as the United States and how the education is different from one to each other. Ripley states that “Worldwide, children’s skills rose and fell in mysterious and hopeful ways, sometimes over short periods of time (3).” That all around the world children skills rise in different ways even in a short amount of time. She is astonished by the results of the PISA test results. This shows how each country differs on many various levels. It is not necessarily …show more content…

When Ripley introduced Kim, she talks about how Kim felt that she belonged elsewhere and tried to succeed in Sallisaw in many different forms. Even though Kim did well in school, Kim had a feeling that something was missing and she wanted to find what it was. On July Fourth, the year after she took the SAT, Kim and her mom went to Texas to visit her older half-sisters. Kim told her older sister Kate that she wanted to explore and be curious about the other side of the world. It was then that her older sister has asked this to her “Why don’t you become an exchange student?” Kim thought it was weird thought but she gave it some more thinking. She had researched some exchange programs and she had imagined herself in each one. She found American Field Service (AFS), one of the largest exchange program. Once Kim had thought about it, she wanted to go to Egypt for a year but Charlotte, her mom had talked her out of it and to choose somewhere else. Then she look up about Finland and researched everything about the place and made a research paper all about Finland. Her grandparents gave a check of 10,000 dollars and once she had gotten enough money, she would travel to

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