The Impact of Socioeconomic Disadvantage on Education

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1. In my understanding, education is the greatest challenge in Mexico; improving the overall health of its education scheme and getting rid of a highly politicized panorama should be primary goals to set on the national agenda. It is well known that education sets the foundation for a flourishing society, hence the importance of educational quality in promoting economic growth. In many countries, including Mexico and the United Kingdom, socioeconomic disadvantage have a substantial impact on students’ performances. According to the latest international math and science evaluation conducted by the OECD, Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), both countries have had trouble reducing the influence of socioeconomic status on student’s accomplishments in recent years. Socioeconomic disadvantage and heterogeneity presuppose the need for a change; due to the reality that a truly successful educational system does not rely solely on a high academic performance. This change would imply a more equitable and inclusive educational system in both Mexico and the UK. Among all the educational challenges Mexico faces, expanding school coverage at all levels must be the most critical. The lack of infrastructure (facilities, school materials and basic utilities) is preventing Mexicans from getting a good quality education; this is why the improvement of school coverage should be a priority in both educational and social policies. On the same subject, the United Kingdom
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