Ambition In Beowulf, Federigos Falcon And Macbeth

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What is ambition? Ambition is the longing to obtain success and power. The literature pieces during the Anglo- Saxon and Renaissance era illustrated the firm aspect of ambition. In Beowulf, Federigos Falcon and Macbeth ambition is both evident but strong. The characters in the literature pieces illustrated ambition throughout their triumphant journeys and showcase their braveness, desire, and power.

Everyone dreams about perhaps one day achieving their goals and dreams that could sometimes be impossible unless braveness is demonstrated. Why do individuals still try even though their chances could sometimes be very minimum? Initially, several characters demonstrated the idea of ambition with their act of braveness. In both the epic poetry Beowulf and the play Macbeth, Beowulf and Macbeth demonstrated braveness upon many ways. Beowulf demonstrated how you should never be afraid of anyone or anything size doesn’t matter. Beowulf decided to fight the tremendous dragon without worrying of the outcome. Beowulf showed braveness in the poetry because he did something that no one else would do, which was to fight the dragon. As mentioned in the poetry “no one else could do what I mean to, here, no man but me” (Beowulf 645). Macbeth portrayed his braveness in a different perspective. Macbeth chased his ambition to become the King he was willing to do anything for it. Macbeth showed the act of braveness by instead of protecting his king he would kill him. Macbeth mentioned “I am

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