Amelia Bonow's Essay 'In A Server, Not Your Sex Toy'

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Gender Discrimination
As you or may not know, there is a time and place for everything. Woman are trained to acknowledge men by being polite and accepting their compliments. As a little girl I remember people coming up to me and saying, “well are you pretty”. And I would look at them like they were crazy because I didn’t know how to respond. That is until my mom told me to not be rude, and just say thank you. In the essay, “in a server, not your sex toy”, the author gives some advice to the next guy that wants to comment on her beauty. In this essay, a female bartender feels trapped and uncomfortable by a man who call her pretty. This made her feel insecure because he didn’t acknowledge …show more content…

According to Amelia Bonow, there are certain things to consider before giving sexual attention to a female bartender or server. . For instance, a woman is expected to smile and say thank you, even if she feels mildly affronted, even if she is disgusted- she is forced to suspend these opinions at work. For example, say you have a boss that creeps you out, and one day he gives you a present, in front of all of your employees. It isn’t your birthday but you feel that you have no choice, but to open it. “What are you waiting for?”, he says, smiling. So you open it up gradually as everyone watches in …show more content…

We should all be viewed as human beings first before race, religion, gender, or social class. In the essay, “I’m a server, not a sex toy the author gives the readers an insight on how women are treated in work place, and how they are supposed to act when approached unfairly. If I were working at a bar and a gentleman approached me and tried to hit on me as I am making his drink, I would feel ashamed/ disgusted and make him feel just as bad. Although some people might add that she has a choice as far as where she wants to work or, maybe she could just find another job. Not everyone has that option and no one, not me, not you or anyone else for that matters, deserves to be treated in such an untasteful, degrading

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