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The Thirteenth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and Fifteenth Amendment all have had a major impact on the United States of America from the beginning. These three amendments have changed our country immensely for the better. The Thirteenth Amendment officially abolished slavery, and is still illegal till this day. The Fourteenth Amendment stated that if you were born in the United States of America you were officially an American citizen no matter race. The Fifteenth Amendment banned each government in the United States from taking away an american citizen’s right to vote based on their color, race, or their past (if they were a slave). These three amendments were put in place right after the Civil War ended and was America’s first step…show more content…
In the United States today the African American population as grown in size as compared to post Civil War era and this amendment helps in today’s world because theres so many more votes being accounted for, making a big difference in who goes into any form of political office. If the Fifteenth Amendment was never put in place a very large portion of the United States would be unable to vote or have a say in who is put in charge of their own country. Giving anybody the right to vote no matter their race or color helps government voting polls be as unbiased as possible as truly helps make our country equal and a better place for anybody to live no matter who they are or what they look like. These three amendments have changed our country for the better from the day they were put into place, and are still in affect to this day. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments gave African Americans the right to do many things they never had before, and made them equal to every other white man in their country. The United States of America today is based off and known for its equality no matter race, or color and these amendments are what started this country’s journey to equality for anyone and
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