Americ A Place Best Idealized For Its Core Values Of Freedom And Equality

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The gift of 4.4%, something billions around the world will never receive. America is a place best idealized for its core values of freedom and equality. This has not always been the case, and some argue that it still is not and never will be. Throughout America’s short history a majority of it was dominated by white males. Today we see an obvious and thankful change. The outdated idea of everyone staying to themselves and preserving their own ideals and traditions is something that I am not forced to do. I think back to my brother’s years in school and remember how they used to sit at the lunch tables organized by race. A majority of his friends were white and he never dated any who wasn’t white. I reflect on this knowing that I am the…show more content…
Events such as this are a common occurrence among a teenage life.
From when I could first remember my parents always taught me how everyone is equal and receives the same opportunities. This being a core belief that I still wish to hold onto, but unfortunately not everything is as black and white as it should be. My doubt in my parent’s words started as early as middle school. I would hear the n word used as slang in every other sentence. This being a word that was taught to me as being worse than any curse word. Many of my friends would say it around me, and some would even call me one. Once I made the fatal mistake of talking to one of my friends and made the mistake of using the n word as slang in one of my sentences. Instantly the room went silent and before I knew it a black kid had walked up to me and scolded me on how I was lucky I was not being beaten right in that moment for using that word, when I had heard him use it within the same minute as me. I have been told similar things like this (not making the same mistake of saying it) throughout my life. I was often told this when asking people why I can’t say, often the answer being because I am white. If it was such a derogatory term that should never be used why is it okay for certain races to say it but not others? Is it true equality if double standards are held? Some to use this word and others to not as
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