Essay about The n-word - Critics. opponents. Defenders

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The n-word is considered one of the most vicious racial slurs in the English language today. True that the n-word is closely associated with slavery and the oppression of blacks. Even after the abolition of slavery the word still haunted African Americans, especially in more segregated areas; where blacks were viewed as inferior to whites. In recent years the n-word has become less of a malicious slur in parts of our country. Public figures who use the n-word run the risk of losing their jobs. However, since the 1960s African Americans have coined the term “nigga”, when addressing one another. The rise of hip hop culture also enhanced the use of the word-they felt as though they are using the word as a term of endearment. Critics of the …show more content…

His compelling argument led me to believe in what he was saying. He makes several interesting points. One is that most black people don't care about the word and has no meaning to them. He says that if they heard another black person use that word, it wouldn't even phase them; but if a white man used it they would be ready to march. He uses current examples which i found effective. He brings up that in 2007 Duane the bounty hunter was suspended from his TV show for using the word in a private phone conversation. Peterson also mentions “Kramer” (Michael Richards), from Seinfeld. When he used the “n” word at a comedy club in an angry way, he was blacklisted and sued. The most recent event he mentions Don Imus and his reference to the Rutger’s Basketball Team as “nappy headed hoes.” I’ve found out that all of them made public apologies but they were reprimanded and their punishment was severe. This article gives me some headway into the question, why do some black Americans think it is ok to use the word nigger, but find it offensive if a white Americans use it? He sums up that problem by saying that white people need to start taking advantage of themselves and stop being taken advantage of, and also blacks need to stop trying to use their advantage to punish people who don't have anything to so with their problems. His says that if we can achieve that the we will; naturally

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