America In The Future Essay

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In the future, I hope that America isn’t destroyed by society’s cruel ways, poverty, and by giving all their money to other countries. The U.S. seems to have all the peaches and roses but in reality now in today society everyone seems to be at war with each other because of race. Poverty is another problem, which they should try to help those who are poor instead of leaving them to rot in the street like if they were nothing. Then lastly, they should try to avoid giving so much money to other countries. Their debt is so high that 18 trillion wasn’t even a thing until America began to have so much debt.
America might seem all peaches and roses when in reality society seems to control America’s outlook on things. In today’s society everyone seems …show more content…

The official US poverty number is 14.5%/ That’s the percentage of the population that are below the official poverty line. 46.7 million People in the United States lived in poverty. The nation's official poverty rate was 14.8% in 2014. Neither the number of people in poverty nor the poverty rate were statistically different from the 2013 estimates. Poverty should stop increasing and it should hopefully stop in the future. Not all in poverty are drug addict and just because they are lazy. It’s because they also just receive minimum wage and can barely pay for food, utilities, home and etc. of important stuff and also have no family members that exist or are willing to help. There are so many people that are busy also not understanding of others situation because they all believe they are all meth, heroine, weed, cocaine, and crack addicts. Which is not always true but they could create more places for the homeless and have more soup kitchens. Especially the soup kitchen should be longer and should have lots of food. The places for the homeless should be big or bigger than a warehouse. The warehouses should have bunk beds mostly everywhere. Also people won’t have to worry about I have to stand forever in line to get in and worry if they will sleep under horrible weather

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