Poverty In The United States Has Been A Very Big Issue

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Poverty in the United States has been a very big issue throughout its history. Poverty is both an economic condition and a social concept. Poverty in the United States first took place in the 19th century and till this day. Poverty was caused by people being selfish and not allowing everyone to have a chance on being successful. Poverty took a big hit from the Great Depression to the Great Recession that led millions of people down. Since then the poverty rate has been going up and down, never keeping a steady pace. “In the late 1950s, about 22 percent of Americans nearly 40 million people were on poverty” ("Poverty"). This means that poverty is a big issue and everyone needs to contribute to fixing this problem. Since this is a big issue …show more content…

This is a very good plan to keep people on track because the government can not overspend on every single family or else the government would not have any money. By doing all this the government programs help prevent the increase of poverty so that it can be reduced in the United States.
The Great Recession was very hard for people and eventually led them to poverty. This event happened about eight years from today but it still affects some people in poor areas. As a result, to the great recession, major suburbs and the big city got affected that led the to a decline of the middle class. “The irony of this characterization is that what the middle class is struggling against and what portions of it have one fallen into is poverty” (“Introduction”). Although this was hard for many people some managed to escape poverty. Government policies were put in place that leads to the creation of lower paying jobs increasing the poor out of poverty. “These conjoined policies have also resulted in the creation of low paying “McJobs”, increasing the rank or the working poor”(Eternity). This was the best choice that the government could have done because without this poverty rates would increase. By putting in policies to recover from a major crisis this stimulated the economy resulting in a better workforce. With all of this

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