America Needs Its Nerds Analysis

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Expressing yourself is not as easy to do in society because it causes us to pretend to be something we are not. “Nerds”, “geeks”, “loser”, and “you are not cool”. As these words are spoken we try to hide secrets about ourselves causing us to be embarrassed to embrace our knowledge. Friedman the author of the article, America Needs Its Nerds establishes the idea to stop losing sight of how important knowledge is instead of putting physical strength superior in our society. Using strong commentary Fridman begins his passage by stating “something is very wrong with the system of values in our society” giving us a hint of his idea. By using a powerful statement he gives his point of view in the way society is working. “Ostracized” is not a common word we hear in regular conversations the word means to exclude someone from a group. Friedman uses this diction in the passage to continue with his statement about discrimination against the nerds, not just one but a huge group of people due to their wanting of knowledge. While nerds are …show more content…

“Ostracized” as mentioned is discrimination repeated throughout his passage reminding us of how they do not fit in society. Why do they not fit in? Are they weird? What makes them different just because they are smart and care about moving forward advancing with new improvement in society. Is that the reason they are weird! “America” is included in which is repeated constantly throughout Fridman's writing creating a powerful statement in where the discrimination is in the United States. Where we live. The nation that promised freedom, liberty, and union to all without any discrimination. Fridman also illustrates at the end of his passage how America is the most discriminated nation than any other. When are we gonna make progress in letting nerds be involved more in our

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