America Over Ruled By Technology

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In “Blue Sky Dream, Beers shows how America eventually became a nightmare for him and other blue sky tribe members. He showed how the government, technology, and secrecy had over ruled the United States. Beers shows how his family and other blue sky tribe families were interwoven into the events throughout history. The “blue sky tribe” consisted of aerospace families, who believe that they would be rewarded for their commitment to corporations like Lockheed, but instead it caused a lot of issues within the families. These families believed in living the American Dream and they soon learned the hard way that the high tech life they were involved in was not quite what they bargained for. These families became apart of something big and important, but it put their lives to the ultimate test. The developing technology was the main factor that led to the ups and downs of these aerospace families. Soon after Sputnik’s landing it caused a lot of controversy and led to the space race. Eventually the advancements made in technology had led to a lot of employment for the blue sky tribe members. It gave them the opportunity of a lifetime, and a chance to become apart of something bigger than themselves. Beers father was one of many who had this opportunity. “Not long after the appearance of Sputnik, he received the phone call that set our lives in harmonious motion. The Lockheed Corporation’s Missiles and Space Division invited him to come help build America’s own satellites.” (17)
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