America Should Increase The Minimum Wage

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An issue that has been debating throughout centuries is whether or not America should increase the minimum wage. This is an issue that has been arising to be relevant to people all over the nation. Researches have provided logical facts and statistics on how increasing the minimum wage would be the solution to America’s debt. Increasing the minimum wage has also been successful in several countries including Germany. Studies have shown that decreasing the minimum wage is unlikely to solve any economic woes. While when we increase the minimum wage it benefits the economy, employment as well as skillful people. Furthermore, increasing the minimum wage comes with benefits such as improving the economy. According to a study from “The Economist” in 2016 conducted by Buttonwood states, “some British companies that voluntarily shifted to a higher living wage found that staff absenteeism and turnover rates reduced, and productivity improved” (Buttonwood). Having a higher productivity means that the country will improve economically. One of the most memorable historical events that America can relate to is the “Great Depression”. President Franklin D. Roosevelt improved the economy by increasing the minimum wage making the productivity rate rise showing a direct correlation. In addition, another magazine article from “Tharawat” written by a staff writer, Marie Crosse, claims, “a crucial part of bringing back growth to the economy is raising people’s purchasing power” (Crosse). In

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