America 's Foster Care And Adoption System

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Two obvious sponsors of AB 12 were its creators, Jim Beall and Karen Bass. Beall’s interests are in helping foster care children, low-income families, and people with disabilities. Bass’ interest in child welfare issues and foster care issues is seen in the legislation that she sponsors; one of her priorities is to improve America’s foster care and adoption system.

Strong supporters of AB 12 are legislative Democrats and Republicans. Many people and groups were on board with AB 12, realizing that the change was needed. Co-sponsors of the bill were the following 9 prestigious agencies: the Judicial Council of California, the largest court system in the nation makes the policies of California courts, which is an alliance of over 110 private nonprofit child and family service agencies, California Youth Connection, a youth run organization whose main purpose is to transform our foster care system into a better one, Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles which represent abused, neglected, or abandoned children, the County Welfare Director’s Association of California that is an association composed of service directors from all of California’s counties, the John Burton Foundation who dedicate everything they can to improve homeless, foster and former foster youth’s lives, the Services Employees International Union which is a labor union representing millions of Americans and Canadians, the Alliance for Children’s Rights who seek to provide better lives to impoverished and abused…
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