Adoption And Safe Families Act Essay

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Evaluation of the Adoption and Safe Families Act The implementation of the ASFA certainly carries many strengths with its amendments to the AACWA, including a title using “the term ‘safe families’ that few people would want to oppose legislation with this goal” (Jansson, 2008). One of the strengths of the new law was its movement away from bias favoring reunification that the AACWA once carried, and the placing of emphasis on child safety. Another strength was the change from selective provision of services to universal provision of services, where all special needs children would receive health coverage, regardless of whether or not they were a Title IV-E adoption. The switch to annual judicial permanency planning hearings was also an …show more content…

These areas include: the overuse of permanency goals such as emancipation and independent living, did not address what needed to be done to prevent removal and reunify children with their birth families quickly and safely, did not sufficiently support kinship care, revealed the need for improved collaboration with other public agencies and systems, and the failure to hold agencies accountable and needing infrastructure improvements. Recommendations In addition to the areas of ASFA needing improvement included in the evaluation of the law by CSSP, there are many quality recommendations provided to help improve ASFA. While ASFA should remain intact, the recommendations by CSSP that would be most helpful include: focusing on community-based prevention and intervention services to families, increased efforts and supports for reunification, implementing specialized treatment for families dealing with substance abuse, mental illness, or incarceration, reassessing ASFA timelines regarding the termination of parental rights and support for parents to progress, analyzing the child welfare system regarding practices for equality towards the specialized needs of diverse families and children, and committing to widely available and effective post-permanency supports for children (CSSP, 2009). Professional Development My research regarding

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