America 's Identity Of A Christian Nation

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In this day and time, America could be seen as a culture vulture. As far as religion goes, there are several different ways to approach this question was America founded as a Christian nation? And should it pursue a unique identity of a Christian Nation? To answer this question thoroughly in my opinion, I felt that America wasn’t founded as a Christian nation along with other influences that were here first. The reason I say this, is because we use to have Indian tribes and they had their beliefs that seemed to already been here first. But since the Indians were put out of America that all changed. With this being said, this goes to show that America suddenly, began to develop more into a Christian nation among themselves and they also …show more content…

So I believe it is best for America, to pursue a unique identity based on religious freedom among its population.

Pursuing this topic further, a lot of citizens in America seem to think that the united states were only found in a Christian nation. The truth of the matter is, America wasn’t just founded on Christianity as it was found in several different unique religious. Although there were groups, that tried to push Christianity and advertise Christianity in America to spread it among the nation, there seemed to have several other people who still believed in other religions besides Christianity. There also seemed to involve those who didn’t even believed in any religion whatsoever. This seemed to have brought light to my attention more, when I discovered and came across information about Christianity, which seemed to have got pushed on by Christians. According to Resources (2015), which simply stated “Christians fought against the timed tested policy throughout America’s history. When the mid-19th century came around, several decisions became arranged to add specific references to Christianity to the Constitution. One group that went by the National Reform Association pushed a "Christian nation" amendment in Congress in 1864.” This goes to show, that the people who were a part of the National Reform Association, tried to push Christianity upon this nation without caring what other people believed in. In fact, the National Reform Association, tried so hard to have

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