America 's Immigration Regulation Is Very Sophisticated

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America’s immigration regulation is very sophisticated. The immigration regulation is provided for under immigration act. This Act has regulated the total number of permanent immigrants coming to the country yearly at 675,000 (Gagne 23). The Congress decided a precise number of refugees, who can be allowed into the country. Immigration in the country is founded upon various principles that include reunion of families, immigrants with valuable skills, economy, refugee protection, and diversification.

Family Immigration Family reunification is a vital principle regulating immigration policy. This regulation permits citizens of the country and other legal permanent residents to bring specific loved ones to the country. There are approximately 480,000 family-founded visas accessible annually (Haugen and Musser 58). Immigrants under this category gain entry to the country either as direct relatives of United States citizens or via the family scheme. Even though, there are no restrictions on the number of visas accessible to immediate relatives, the petitioners must comply with various age and monetary requirements. Direct relatives include spouses of citizens, unmarried children of citizens, and parents of US citizens. The family preference scheme has a restriction on the amount of visas accessible. The preference structure comprises adult children who may either be married or unmarried and siblings of United States citizens. Spouses and single children of lawful

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